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You Are Here: Saturday, June 24, 2017

Business Development

  • You have an idea, but that idea is an expense until you get it to market. How quickly can you do it? We can help you implement best practices that reduce your time to market - and increase your revenues.
  • Sell direct? Sell through manufacturers' representatives? Sell through dealers? Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Which one is right for your product? We'll help you figure it out - with objective analysis and careful planning. Then we'll assess, recommend, and install such channels of distribution.
  • The best product in the world will go nowhere if the people who need it don't know about it and don't know where to get it. We are known for our provocative and attention-getting advertising campaigns that leave your targets wondering how they ever survived without you. The right marketing communications strategy lights the fuse of explosive growth. We'll help you find the match.
  • We're known for being able to quickly diagnose "what's wrong" with a company - as well as optimize what's right. From staffing optimization to process efficiencies ... from outsourcing opportunities to product distribution issues ... from top-line challenges to bottom-line crises ... we do this with fresh eyes and a promise that we'll never settle for telling you what you already know.
  • Having a strategic or business plan is fine. But most businesses fail in the execution of the plan

Strategic Alliances

  • In any portfolio, diversification often prevents catastrophes. How about diversifying your target markets? We can help you enter new markets to ensure that when you start adding this growth engine, you won't stall.
  • Whether you have a manufacturing plant that is shrinking or is no longer strategic to your operations, or whether you are a contract manufacturer looking to expand rapidly, let us tell you about a very low risk, proven solution that will get you to your goals... literally overnight.
  • You need to acquire a company to round up your current offering? You need to license technologies? How about finding a buyer for one of your product lines, divisions or intellectual property portfolios? We've done it ... and always with a flat fee and no contingency fees that can spiral out of control. From dispatching a due-diligence team to providing post-merger integration services ... we can do it fast and cost-effectively.
  • You're a small company. You have a new idea. You don't have your competitors’ purchasing power. At least, not until you talk to us. We can help you team up to give yourself more buying clout, greater speed and lower costs, or if you are a large company but don't see manufacturing as core or strategic to your business, we can find you someone who can take over your manufacturing operations.

Intellectual Property

  • In-Licensing - Need to build a fence around your products? Someone else's patent in your way? Or do you just need to build your technology and product portfolio? We have a unique ability and creative tools, such as Tech Transfer Online, to bring those people together and help you license technology - whether that technology comes from industry or academia.
  • Out-Licensing - You've got a good idea that's outside your strategic focus or core competencies. Or an idea sitting on the back shelf that you can't afford to develop. If there's technology you have no use for, we'll bet there's somebody out there looking for it. And we can find them and make sure you turn that asset into upfront cash and/or ongoing revenues. In addition to our industry contacts, we will utilize our IP portal to find the people.

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